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工业设计大师Dieter Rams:十条优秀设计准则


在工业设计乃至整个设计领域,没有人不熟悉Dieter Rams(迪特·拉姆斯)在Braun(博朗,又称百灵)的设计风格,Dieter Rams在上世纪八十年代提出的“设计十诫”,更是被众多设计师奉为设计的至高准则,而Dieter Rams的设计,虽然诞生于几十年前,但和“设计十诫”一样,放在今天,也一样闪闪发光,历久弥新。

让我们再次品味Dieter Rams关于“好设计”的精辟提炼,因为它们不仅是设计方法的总结,同时也能观察到Dieter Rams对生活的态度。



Good design is innovative

 It does not copy existing product forms, nor does it produce any kind of novelty for the sake of it. The essence of innovation must be clearly seen in all functions of a product. The possibilities in this respect are by no means exhausted. Technological development keeps offering new chances for innovative solutions.



Good Design makes a product useful
A product is bought in order to be used. It must serve a defined purpose in both primary and additional functions. The most important task of design is to optimise the utility of a product.



Good Design is aesthetic 

The aesthetic quality of a product – and the fascination it inspires – is an integral part of the its utility. Without doubt, it is uncomfortable and tiring to have to put up with products that are confusing, that get on your nerves, that you are unable to relate to. However, it has always been a hard task to argue about aesthetic quality, for two reasons.



Good Design helps a product be understood

 It clarifies the structure of the product. Better still, it can make the product talk. At best, it is self-explanatory and saves you the long,tedious perusal of the operating manual.



Good Design is unobtrusive

 Products that satisfy this criterion are tools. They are neither decorative objects nor works of art. Their design should therefore be both neutral and restrained leaving room for the user’s self-expression.



Good Design is honest 

An honestly-designed product must not claim features it does not have – being more innovative, more efficient, of higher value. It must not influence or manipulate buyers and users.



Good Design is durable

 It is nothing trendy that might be out-of-date tomorrow. This is one of the major differences between well-designed products and trivial objects for a waste-producing society. Waste must no longer be tolerated.


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